Our Ludum Dare 37 Games!

Our Ludum Dare 37 Games!

Check out all of the games our local community in Louisville created for Ludum Dare 37! Ludum Dare is a global game jam where people from around the world form teams and create brand new games in 48hours!


Jam Entry by senabryer

4.5 is a memory game. You are trapped within a small room repeating itself, each time adding a new item. Remember the item, or return to the beginning. Aside from the room itself, all the 3D assets were free ones from Unity's public store. Controlled with a mouse and keyboard.

Created by Sena Bryer @senabryer

Known bugs:
-can cause certain versions of Linux to crash (tested with Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon)

Stuff I'd like to add were I to continue this:
-getting a web browser build up and running (assuming the filesize isn't simply too huge)
-making my own assets for it, or at least just getting a whole bunch more
-adding random elements to it to switch the room up instead of having the same one every time
-adding actual hallways to walk through instead of just simple blackout transitions

Play 4.5

"Baggage - A game of Roommate Bliss"

Jam Entry by chipmonkey

Working but unfinished.
Assets take a moment to load, give the black screen a few seconds.
Two roommates are locked in their one-room apartment. One likes music and if you place a disco-ball, radio, or TV in the room and they touch it, they will turn it on. The other one will turn it off. Drag and drop beds in the room so they can sleep. Other interactions weren't completed in time for the jam, but the idea is that roommates would have varied preferences: early sleepers would dislike night music, party animals would interfere with calm roommates. Fights over the lone toilet, food in the fridge, pets, etc. would cause roommates to be happy, unhappy, fight and, if things go poorly, die.
Music EXCEPT the TV routine are all custom.
Team: LilacLlama, ChipMonkey, ParisTurtle, Hyteck9, (and sort of UlrichVonBeck). Shout out to @GameDevLou

Play Baggage - A game of Roommate Bliss

"Battle Dads"

Jam Entry by Peach Pie Productions

Battle DADS is a 4 player "dont fall off the level" party-style deathmatch game. Knock off the other players to get points. The game by default has bots active.

- Press F2 to turn off AI to play with 3 other people on controllers

- RT or LMB to charge lasers.
- LT or RMB to shoot machine gun.
- A or BUMPERS or SPACE to shield.

Created by Isaac Baldwin (IndieKeep) and Ben James (Peach Pie Productions)
from Louisville KY

Play Battle Dads

"Cleanstalkers: Hidden Agenda"

Jam Entry by cooperra

What happens when your cat-allergic parents drop in and you gotta tidy up quick?


Game is incomplete. First time using Phaser js. It wasn't as helpful as I thought (had to do my own ECS), but its Signals library was nice.

Try tapping on various objects to open and close them. No audio.

Read the rest of the dialog script here: http://cooperra.com/ld37-cleanstalkers/dialog/LudumDare37.txt

See the unused assets here: https://github.com/cooperra/ld37-cleanstalkers/tree/master/assets

Art by Darren Vogt
Programming by Robbie Cooper

Thanks for checkin' out our entry!

Play Cleanstalkers: Hidden Agenda

"Finding Home"

Compo Entry by abezuska

A game about an insecure snail learning about life and home from forest friends.

Some people have had issues in chrome, if you do please try downloading for Win/Mac/Linux or try running the web game in Firefox. -Thanks!

Play Finding Home

"Home Is Where The Heart Is"

Jam Entry by ambocclusion

Home Is Where The Heart is a weird little dating game. You show up unexpected in a homeless land. You must earn the trust of the 3 villagers and have them move inside of you. Make the right choices and do the tasks they ask and you can make everyone happy.

wasd to move and space bar is to interact with characters and objects

Allen-Michael Brower - Programming
Josh Grilli - Art/Animation
Ben Wiley- Music

Play Home Is Where The Heart Is

"Junk in the Bunk"

Jam Entry by roaringcatgames

Junk in the Bunk is a game where you play the role of a doomdsay prepper that has just finished his bunker. Unfortunately, a meteor is already on its way, and you have to rush to fill your bunker with the supplies you want with you through the end of the world!

Rush to store your supplies in the bunker before the end comes!!

**Unfortunately, you had just moved in, so there aren't a lot of stuffs in the house for you to put into storage. That, or maybe it's because we ran out of precious time to create more artwork. There seems to be a small bug with initiating walking up and down the stairs mechanic on the web version. We'd recommend you download it. **

MOVE: Arrows or WASD
ACTION: Space or F

Art - Loi LeMix - @loilemix
Sound & Music - Nathan Hutchens - @lucidbard
Programming - Barry Rowe - @barryrowe

Build with libGDX, Ashley ECS, and our own Kitten2d extensions for Ashley.

Built with 30 other developers at Warp Zone Louisville with Louisville Makes Games.

Play Junk in the Bunk

"Mail Room"

Compo Entry by guru-guru

Welcome to the mail room we got fun and games.

Play Mail Room

"Mean Streets"

Compo Entry by backlashblues

In Mean Streets, you're a kid dropping water balloons from your window on people passing by. You have 30 seconds and 10 balloons to get as many points as you can.

I ran out of time before I could add any other characters (including people you have to avoid hitting) or finish the animations, but it's playable. :)

Move: arrows or A and D
Toss Water Balloon: spacebar

Play Mean Streets

"Pew Pew Pew"

Jam Entry by Rise and Shine Games

We did not finish the idea. The game starts in the cockpit of a one room spaceship. The player can walk around with WASD or the arrow keys. The idea in this room was to have the player upgrade the ship and move to the controls to move to the shooter scene but for now the two scenes are toggled using the "K" key.

The next scene is a side scrolling bullet hell shooter. WASD or arrow keys will move the ship around the screen. Space shoots, and Enter changes weapons.

Play Pew Pew Pew

"Phase Shift Respawn"

Jam Entry by awesomerex

Local battle arena.

2 - 4 players can duke it out in this game.
Gamepad required.
Hold any button - join.

left stick - move
right stick - aim
any button - shoot

Hit the orange square to activate your bullets and make them deadly.
After shots are activated, shots will annihilate any player they touch.

Eric Lathrop @ericlathrop
Rex Soriano @LoLo_R

Music & Sound Effects:
H9D Studios
Brian Schmidt

Made with:
NPM "entity-component-system"

Play Phase Shift Respawn
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