Ludum Dare 40 Game Jam Game Showcase!

Ludum Dare 40 Game Jam Game Showcase!

Check out all of the games our community made in the latest game jam!


Entry type: Jam (team)

Barry Rowe - Programming
Loi LeMix - Art

CalligraTree is a game about guiding a “growing” Sakura tree painting into it’s most full and beautiful form. As the trunk grows, you are able to guide the branches in a general direction, and their branches, and those branch’s branches, and so forth. Your goal is to guide the tree to its largest form without crossing any branches. If you cross branches, it will still be beautiful, but it won’t the masterpiece it could be.

Play CalligraTree


Entry type: Compo (solo)

An abstract white noise toy. Pay attention to the relationships between the squares in order to reduce the noise.

Play Crosstalk

"King's Gambit"

Entry type: Jam (team)

Jacob Hanshaw - Programmer
Jake Mercer - Music and Writing
Alex Bezuska - Character Art
Rex Soriano - Brainstorming

Convince the other lords to join you in battle with a quick-wit and a keen understanding of their personalities, but be careful… Say the wrong thing and they may decide to join your enemy instead!

Play King's Gambit

"Portals and Guns"

Entry type: Compo (solo)

This is a 4 player game where you shoot bullet thru portals and try to get the most orbs!

Play Portals and Guns


Entry type: Jam (team)

Eric Lathrop - Programming
Jake Mercer - Music

Stretch your monster, cut existing arms, or grow new ones as needed to complete each puzzling level.

Play PullPals


Entry type: Jam (team)

The Cave shooter you always wanted. Originally planned as a metroidvania that got harder the longer you play it.

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