Global Game Jam 2018 at Warp Zone Louisville!

Global Game Jam 2018 at Warp Zone Louisville!

Check out all of the games our community made in the latest game jam!


by: Alexbezuska Eric Lathrop howdycara

Transmit charcteristics of your fish to your descendants on each playthrough.

Play Fineage

"Knight Rider"

by: awakeorchid explosivelimes Sometimes.A.Poet

You are a knight who just defeated the final boss! You are on your way back to the castle to transmit a scroll to the king containing the good news. Knight Rider is an infinite runner. Left and Right arrow keys move your Horse, Kit. Up arrow lowers your lance for attack. Down arrow brings your lance back up so you don't damage the Damsels. Space makes Kit jump over obstacles. ----> ** Web version of the game sometimes doesn't work unless in Fullscreen mode ** <---- Windows and OSX version included in same .zip **

Play Knight Rider


by: studioPareidolia

Find and fix all five radios in the area!


"Pizza Pigeon"

by: acmcpheron02 justvcreative Matthew Caldwell Seth Tyler Allen

In Pizza Pigeon one player must deliver pizzas to the other. The catch; you don't know where the other player is. The other player must describe their location to the other. Screen cheating isn't allowed! Play here:

Play Pizza Pigeon

"Slab Bulkhead : Get Me Outta Here!"

by: bmaxwell112 Connan Bell GamerGoneCoder

Send out a distress message while holding back hordes of enemies: zombies, derpy robots and, killer fan-girls from outer space! Keep the door shut to transmit your S.O.S. Controls: Action: spacebar movement: left right

Play Slab Bulkhead : Get Me Outta Here!
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