Global Game Jam 2019 Kickoff tonight!

Global Game Jam 2019 Kickoff tonight!

The Global Game Jam is a 48-hour in-person event to make new games over a weekend. This year’s theme will be announced tonight and we’ll form teams to create games based on the theme. Sunday night, each team will do a short presentation of their game. The public is invited to the presentations.

Who should come?

Anyone interested in making games. Most of us make video games, but people who want to make card games or board games are also welcome.

If you are participating be sure to have RSVPd over on –> Our event page for Global Game Jam 2019

Learn more about how Global Game Jam 2019 works, and get helpful game creation tips from our PDF info packet!

Download the Jam info packet

Have fun jamming with us!

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