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Author: Stephen Abrams

Summer Game Creation Program at Warp Zone

Summer Game Creation Program at Warp Zone

On Saturday, August 12, 2017, 11 students ages 10-16 presented games they made at Warp Zone Louisville as part of Louisville Makes Games – Education’s first six-week game creation program:

We’re excited about this step in our education program and look forward to future offerings.

Thank you to everyone who made this program a success!

  • Our students! See their presentations above.
  • Stephanie Youstra – Primary Instructor
  • Allen-Michael Brower – Content Volunteer (Story)
  • Alex Bezuska – Content Volunteer (Sound/Music)
  • Veronica Rivera – Content Volunteer (Art)
  • Eric Lathrop – Content Volunteer (Programming)
  • Stephen Abrams – Volunteer Assistant
  • Loi LeMix – Photographer/Videographer
  • Humana Foundation – Funding
Stephanie Youstra, our primary instructor, demonstrates a game creation tool for students.
Assistant instructor Stephen Abrams assists students prior to presentations.
Students collaborate to refine their games before presenting.
LMG Visits Trinity High School

LMG Visits Trinity High School

I recently had the opportunity to represent LMG at my alma mater, Trinity High School in Louisville, and gave a talk to the Video Game Theory and Analysis class. We took thirty minutes to recreate a stripped-down version of a Ludum Dare 35 entry, Element Undesired, created by myself and LMG board member, Cara Smith. In the Q&A session, I was reminded yet again that the largest barrier to entry in game development is still simply not knowing where to start. Look for more resources on that topic at LMG soon.

Here’s the full scratch port of the original LD35 game, along with the class demo.